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Your Host: Dan Martin, CFE

Franchise Supplier Strategy Coach & IFX CEO

Dan Martin’s franchise career goes all the way back to 1983 when he went to work for a Franchise Management & Structuring Firm in San Diego, California. After a few years of working with some well known franchise organizations and franchise law firms, Dan decided to move to the next level and start his own Franchise Management & Marketing Firm that would ultimately result in a 200+ franchisor client base servicing 30,000+ franchisees in 23 countries.

Combined with his franchise management and structuring experience, Dan’s experience as franchisee, franchisor and franchise supplier turned out to be absolutely invaluable. A potent combination that ultimately led to the ability to recognize new opportunities, identify mission critical issues and develop powerful and practical strategies and solutions beneficial to virtually any type or size of franchise or supplier organization.

Formed in 1996, IFX represented the culmination of years of experience in the franchise sector.... a franchise management firm with a solid franchise management and strategic background. A remarkable winning combination and one that continues to maintain IFX as the leading franchise strategy and technology company in franchising today.

Although Dan’s experience includes serving two years on the International Franchise Association’s Board of Directors, one year on the IFA’s Executive Committee and another year as Chairman of the IFA’s Supplier Forum Board of Directors, Dan is probably best known for his remarkably informative and entertaining speaking engagements.

As a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE), Dan has extensive knowledge of franchising and is well aware of strategies that virtually any franchise or supplier company can use to maximize operations and growth. However, if you’ve ever had the opportunity to hear Dan conduct a keynote presentation or panel discussion at an IFA event, or if you have ever attended an IFX Conference in the past, you know there is a lot more to Dan’s presentation style than simply the dissemination of valuable information. Partaking in a Dan Martin event is an experience. Dan clearly “tells it like it is” and covers key political, practical and legal strategies designed to help franchise executives and franchise suppliers advance their programs to the next level.

IFX is a successful multi-million dollar company that is at the height of the franchise sector for franchise management and strategy firms. Dan is sought after by CEO-level executives to advise them on how they too can capitalize on opportunities to grow their business in the franchise channel.

Shark Tank Panel: Guest Panel of Leading Franchise Executive Sharks

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