• Learn How to Get Your B2B Business In Front of 3,000 Franchise Brands & 100,000 Franchisees
  • Learn How To Generate More Exposure, Leads & Revenue in the Franchise Channel

An Exclusive B2B Executive Summit to Help You Learn How to Land Accounts with 100's of Franchise Brands and 1,000's of their Franchisees!


Exclusive Summit for B2B Suppliers...

Like you, IFX is a B2B supplier with a focus on signing more clients.

IFX licenses a Franchise Management Platform that helps franchisors manage their operations. We have over 200 brands on our platform including 33,000 franchisees in 23 countries.

IFX has been a B2B Supplier focusing on the Franchise Channel for 20 years and our CEO, Dan Martin, is past Chairman of the International Franchise Association's Supplier Forum Advisory Board, as well as a past member of the IFA's Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

IFX services brands such as:

• Taco Bell

• Pizza Hut


• Jack in the Box

• Gymboree

• Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

• Retro Fitness

• Renewal by Andersen

• Toppers Pizza

• ARCpoint Labs

• Muscle Maker Grill

• Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

... and 190 more start-up and established franchise companies ranging from 5 to 5,000 franchisees.

IFX also helps make connections for other B2B Suppliers we've aligned with, and we often directly integrate them into our platform and rev-share business model.


5th Annual B2B Supplier Summit

The Only Event Designed to Teach B2B Suppliers:

• How to Leverage a Single-Point-of-Contact (Franchisor) to Ultimately Service 100's or 1,000's of their Franchisees in One Shot!

• How to Land Local, Regional and National Franchise Brands!

IFX has landed over 200 franchise brands and 33,000 Franchisees. Attend the Summit and learn how you can too!

San Diego, CA • Aug. 12-13, 2016


As past Chairman of the IFA's Supplier Forum, IFX is forming a strategic alliance of quality B2B suppliers interested in servicing local, regional and national franchise brands.

IFX hosts strategy sessions throughout the year for B2B Suppliers covering Best Practices on how to:

• Increase Exposure

• Increase Leads

• Generate More Revenue

... in the franchise channel.

And now, IFX has consolidated all of its knowledge into a 2-day Summit to benefit virtually any type of B2B Supplier.

It's an event designed to help executive-level B2B Suppliers learn about key strategies on how to maximize revenues and verticals in the franchise channel.

A strategic Summit outlining what works, what doesn't work, and specific steps to growing your supplier organization in the domestic and/or international franchise channels.

Key connections and alignments are promoted at the Summit. Franchisor input from a variety of C-Level Franchise Executives is provided throughout the Summit and especially during the Shark Tank Session and VIP Dinner Strategy Session.

There is no other event specifically for B2B suppliers in the franchise space.

Everyone walks away with a FREE step-by-step Blueprint Workbook outlining all of the key strategies discussed at the Summit (valued at $1,000).

We feel that it's important to form a like minded group of suppliers and develop a plan of attack so that we can all work together to sign and service franchisors and all of their franchisees. That is what the Summit is all about!

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